Thank you for choosing your heart over your head!

My purpose to start heartsoverheads is to bring together people who share a common sense of purpose – to contribute for the common good.

I take my passion for organizing events and partner up with a local charity to bring you a fun evening with purpose.

More importantly, my goal is to be a role model for my kids and hopefully engage and inspire the next generation. My kids see that we really don’t need to have a lot to help. Every small step in the right direction counts and a small step from us can help in a big way.

This year I chose The Vision of Children Foundation, whose mission is to cure hereditary childhood blindness and other vision disorders and to improve the lives of visually impaired individuals and their families.

I am taking a step, because it is the right thing to do…..not because it will change the world but because I refuse to be changed by the world.

Join me and let’s be a catalyst to change.